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Whats the difference between doll clothing , reborn baby clothing and newborn baby clothes?

Essentially there isn't any difference thats why we promote all of them on here, the phrases are interchangeable. Its simply a case of who you are buying for, reborn doll clothes sizes are shown on all our listings next to the approximate age of each new baby outfit.

So whether you are looking for reborn clothing or hand knitted/crochet baby clothes this is the clothes shop for you.

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Patience 2100 - Puff stitch Outfit CRA029 £18.50   Product Details
Tribud Cotton Hat CRH010 £6.50 From £6.50 Product Details
Lola -20015 - Frilly Sock Shoes KNS006 £5.00 From £5.00 Product Details
Daisy Shoes KNS005 £3.50 From £3.50 Product Details
Sam 1902-Twist Stitch Shrug Outfit CRA001 £17.50 Newborn One Only Product Details
Sam 1902- Twist Stitch Shrug (only) CRC001 £12.75 Shrug only From 12.75 Product Details
Crochet Booties CRS002 £3.99 £3.99 per pair Product Details
Call The Midwife - Bonnet & Mittens CRH020 £7.50 From £7.50 Product Details
Spring Beanie CRH015 £5.50 All sizes. From £5.50 Product Details
Cup Cake Hat KNH004 £7.99   Product Details
Elly 2001- Crochet Sack Hat CRH022 £6.50 From £6.50 Product Details
Sam 1901-Chevron Thread Shrug Outfit CRA009 £15.99 From £15.99 Product Details
Crochet Chunky Jacket (only) CRC010 £14.50 One Only Product Details
Elly 2001 - Poke Bonnet CRH018 £8.50   Product Details
Beanie Tribud Hat CRH013 £5.50   Product Details
Chunky Slouch Hat KNH007a £7.50 Boys or girls from £7.50 Product Details
Sam 1901- Applique Shrug Outfit CRA007 £14.99 From £14.99 Product Details
Sam 1902- Bolero/ Shrug (only) CRC09 £12.75 One Shrug( (only) Product Details
Michael 2200 - Hooded Jacket KNA024 £17.50 Boys or Girls From £17.50 Product Details
Chevron Bonnet & Booties CRH011 £7.50 From £7.50 Product Details

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New Products

Jo 1601- Christening Gown & Bonnet

Jo 1601- Christening Gown & Bonnet

Premature Or 16//18 reborn...

Sam 1901-Matinee Coat Outfit

Sam 1901-Matinee Coat Outfit


Sam 1902- Bohemian Vest (only)

Sam 1902- Bohemian Vest (only)


Sam 1902- Bolero/ Shrug (only)

Sam 1902- Bolero/ Shrug (only)

One Shrug (only)...

Sam 1902- Bolero/ Shrug (only)

Sam 1902- Bolero/ Shrug (only)

One Shrug( (only)...

Baby  Blanket Gift  Set

Baby Blanket Gift Set


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